Monday, April 20, 2009

Mango Swiss Roll

Finally, I got to make this Mango Swiss Roll! If you have been following my posts, I did not manage to make it the previous time and ended up making chocolate swiss roll. But luck was on my side this time and I managed to get it done and even made 2 rolls for my family back home in Singapore too! Since mangoes are in season now, I really do not want to miss this opportunity to make this fresh delicious desert.
Well, I did a little experiment as well when baking the Mango Swiss rolls. What experiment you ask? Okay, there has been quite a controversial talk about using either cake or plain flour in baking a sponge cake. Naturally most people when they bake a sponge cake, cake flour comes to their mind. However after talking to some of my family members (whom used to own a bakery) and also reading up online, I realized there are some expert bakers that uses plain flour in their sponge cake.
You might wonder how can plain flour actually yield a lighter and fluffier texture? I know! I question that too! So the norm is sponge cake that uses cakes flour is soft and fluffier, however it does have this slight "springy" texture that a cake which uses plain flour does not have. Some people do not like this springy taste and thus I was pretty determine to try out the plain flour recipe. And to be able to yield soft and fluffy texture using plain flour really calls for technique and practice!

What I did was I made 2 separate Mango Swiss rolls, one using cake flour and the other plain flour. The cake flour recipe was adopted from Yochana's Mango Swiss roll recipe. The cake turn out great, I couldn't be more happy myself. ;) It's soft and fluffy but it does have a slight springy texture when eating the cake on it's own.
Sorry if it does not look anything near to what the original recipe is...I just did not have the leisure time to decorate that day! Wanted to bake another Swiss roll using plain flour and also need to pack for my trip back home! ~Stress~

As for the recipe with plain flour, I merely replace the cake flour with 110g of plain flour. Everything else stays the same. It turns out the cake cracked a little when I rolled it and the texture was a little coarse...where did I went wrong? I am pretty sure these problems has nothing to do with the plain flour, it's probably my technique. I guess I might have over mixed the batter? Anyway, I am very sure this will not be my last attempt in making a Swiss roll using plain stay tune if you want to know what's up my sleeves. ;) Will try to get it right the next time!

Guess what, those Mango Swiss rolls were still well received back home in Singapore.*phew!* My father-in-law even had second helpings, heehee. :) I was given more suggestions and advice on how to make it better. (taken notes on that!) I guess family support is the best huh! Thanks!


Elyse said...

This mango roll is absolutely gorgeous. Perfectly rolled!! Great job.

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Thanks Elyse. ;)

Unknown said...

Hey BB,

Yup, this is MX signing in... I LOVE your mango swiss roll! Very uniquely bread-textured, yet with the fresh cream and sweet mangoes blending in just perfectly. I couldn't stop eating until i finished the last crump haha...
More to come pls!
Tonight, ML leaving for Swiss land!
Anyway, see u all back soon!

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hey BH,
Hope you like the newly improved mangoes Swiss roll I make this recent. Even my MIL also commented it's very nice, heehee.

Para i familiaku said...

Georgeous roll! I am new to making roll's but I will try all the recipes you have here! It is mango season now, and I have been thinking of a way to serve them up in desserts....yummy!! Thanks for the recipe! I have linked your blog to mine, please come visit!

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hi Para i familiku,

Welcome to my blog, and thanks for the compliment! ;)
Yes, do try out the recipe, this is a very refreshing desert to serve during hot summer, enjoy!

Unknown said...

that just looks really good! im making one right now. i hope i got the ingredients right....since i didnt have caster sugar...i just used normal white sugar and less one egg lol

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Good luck Ann! It is indeed a yummy cake, and I am sure yours will turn out great too. Enjoy!