Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cameron Highland

Let me ask you a simple question...how often do you stop and smell the flowers? Yes, literally, stop and inhale the wonderful fragrance from mother nature's creation. Well, frankly speaking I haven't done that for the longest time! I used to attend to my garden every morning for a whole hour or two (if my kids don't wake up that early) making sure every plant was thriving or blossoming away. Especially when its Spring time, the garden will be filled with wonderful colors and scent! Such a pleasure to seat in my rocking bench there in my yard and enjoying my morning drink. Such wonderful times...but back to our current time, I managed to recapture some of that moments when I was up in Cameron Highland last weekend. How you say? I stopped and smell the flowers, heehee. :)

If you are looking for a recipe, sorry not this post. ;0 This time it will be all about the nice views I captured in my 3 days stay in Cameron.; ) Interested? Scroll on and have a pleasant view!
It's really hard to show you how breath taking it is just by these photos. And there was such an enormous range of flowers over in Cameron Highland due to it's cool temperature, making every corner a little flower garden on it's own! The weather was nice, the sun was strong and it was not cold but cool, what more could I ask for. ;)
I used to grow these hanging flowers in my garden last time. But I have not seen the sweet pink colored ones before!
These are orchids by the way, quite a different breed. ;)
Even the cactus are blooming!
And if I am not wrong, Hibiscus is Malaysia's national flower. ;)This flower is just amazing! How I wish I can see this flower everyday in my garden!I have to say some of these flowers are pretty exotic looking to me. I really enjoy them and hope you do too. As for the names of these beautiful flowers...I have no clue for some, so I guess I rather not put the names for all. I guess part of the reason why I love flowers may have something to do with my name? Bee and flower...go figure, hahaha! Haven't really got to taste anything that fantastic over in Cameron Highland, so I shan't mislead anyone about the food there. But do try their self-pick strawberry farms! My two girls had loads of fun picking the strawberries there.
Also look out for their sweet corn, it's even good when you eat it raw! Sweet, fresh and crunchy, beat the fattening popcorn any day! Cheers!

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