Monday, April 6, 2009

Cheesy Parsley milk buns

It's Sunday, the next day is another start of the week. That means breakfast on the table and also I need to do my job as a homemaker. Yes, I usually bake fresh bread on Sundays now, figured it's nice to let my family have fresh bread and also allowing me to practice making bread, haha! This time round, I decided to make Cheesy Parsley milk buns. Some of my fellow bloggers have attempted this recipe (no cheese though) and made such gorgeous looking buns! *envy* Some how mine just did not look that good at all! *sigh* Really really need to practice molding the bread. But since I made the buns with cheese, so it kind of hard to hold it's shape properly. (okay...stop making excuses, haha!)

To clarify, this recipe is actually extracted from 孟老师的100道面包 book. The main difference in my recipe is I have added 1/2 a slice of Kraft cheese into each buns. Don't get me wrong, the buns are actually pretty good on it's own. But you know to add a little this and that in my breads. Turn out the taste is pretty good, but you know I don't really quite like the taste of the sauce's both sweet and salty.....would probably pipe a little less of that the next time.

A close look on the inside of the bun after I gave it a BIG bite, hahah! Woooo, the yummy, gooey cheese inside the soft buns is quite delectable! I bet using some grated mozzarella would be excellent too! And since I have so much dried parsley left, I reckon I will be making this buns again. Try it and see how you like it! Cheers!


Elyse said...

I think these buns look really pretty, actually! And I just love the addition of cheese. Hope your family enjoys!!

Kitchen Corner said...

I can see these buns very soft and it's definately very yummy. Who don't like cheese? I Love it crazily!