Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Strawberry mini tarts

My elder daughter loves tarts, especially fruit tarts. I thought why not making her tarts with her favorite fruit, strawberries! I made mini ones because kids can eat only that much, I'm sure you mummies out there know. (especially my picky eater)

I used the same pastry recipe as the egg tarts post I did a few weeks back. Slightly sweet and flaky and melt in your mouth texture. However this time I baked the pastry all the way till it's done without adding anything in it. Takes about 15 minutes. It will be slightly golden brown on the edges.

While the pastry tart is still warm, add about 1/2 tsp of diced milk or semisweet chocolates into the center of the tarts. The heat from the warm tarts will slowly melt the chocolate. As shown below:
I was too lazy to make custard filling, so I just whipped up some fresh whipped cream using heavy cream with powdered sugar and vanilla essence. Using a teaspoon, scoop in the whipped cream, enough to cover and level as the tart shell wall.

Wash and dab dry some fresh strawberries and slice to your liking and top it off on the tarts, likewise below:

These goodies are best eaten within a day. If you plan to make ahead. Brush some warm marmalade or apricot jam over the tart and fruit to prevent it from browning and soften. Bon Appetite !


Rita said...

These look very nice, chocolate and strawberry pairs well.
Thks for sharing.

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hi Rita,
You are most welcome! Thanks for dropping me a note. ;)

Nicole said...

Those are so cute and delicious looking!