Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Soft Raisin Milk Loaf

I have been wanting to bake this Milk Loaf recipe (adopted from Hokkaido Milk Loaf) for the longest time. With some 65°C TangZhong (湯種) left over from my Sweet corn loaf recipe, I decide to bake myself a Raisin Milk Loaf. I was pretty much inspired by all those fellow bloggers that made the Hokkaido Milk Loaf. And since I don't have any Hokkaido Milk around, I shan't call mine a Hokkaido Milk loaf, haha. :D

When the loaf come out from the pan, I have only one comment..."My goodness, so soft!!" I literally having a hard time getting the loaf out from the pan. (I did grease the pan pretty well) I didn't know how to place it down so it won't be "dent"! You might see the some part of the bread being "compressed". Perhaps I didn't bake long enough for the crust to form? *sigh* But what I have is what will do. :-P Not the pretties loaf around, but it sure taste soft and yummy!

Ingredients Raisin Milk Loaf:
Set A:
500g bread flour
15g caster sugar
5 g active dry yeast

100ml fresh milk
90g Tang Zong
100ml fresh heavy cream
1 large egg white

10g unslted butter @ room temp
Set B:
1 large egg white
75g od caster sugar
5 g of salt
2g of active dry yeast

30g milk power
Set C:
10g of unsalted butter @ room temperature

1 cup of dried raisins, soaked in warm water for at least 20 minutes

  • In the large bowl, mix all ingredients of Set A together. Knead together until form a soft dough. Cover with saran wrap and let proof for 2hrs.
  • After 2 hrs, punch down the dough.
  • Mix all of Set B ingredients together in another bowl until well incorporated. Add it into the proofed dough and knead well.
  • The dough will be very sticky, but using a rubber scrapper, slowly knead on a clean surface with little flour to help until the dough is not sticky. At this point, add the 10g butter in and continue to knead. To test for doness, pulled the dough and it forms a thin membrane, almost see through.
  • Separate the dough into 4 equal portions. And roll out dough and spread raisins on surface and roll dough up in swiss roll form. Place it in bread pan and repeat with the other 3 portions. Let proof for another 1.5hrs.
  • Preheat oven to 180°C. When oven is ready, bake bread for 35 minutes.
A shot of the soft bread inside..when gently pulled apart....
I guess the next time round, I would try baking the bread alittle longer (I remove the loaf from the oven earlier by 5 minutes, because I saw the darken surface on top). But overall result was satisfactory. :) Try it out when you have some time to spare! ;)

It's really good on it's own, since there's raisins. But a spread of cold butter will make it even yummier! ;)


Anonymous said...

Ur pic of the raisin milk loaf looks very soft n fluffy. Ive just done a batch n waiting for the 2nd rise. Im wondering where do we add the 10g butter in Set C??


Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hi Susanna,
Oops, I didn't add the step of kneading the butter in, will correct it later, thanks! Hope your loaf will turn out great, let me know! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...


I am going to try this recipe but will use it to make sausage buns instead. Do you think it is suitable? Also I just want to double check if this recipe uses 2 egg whites and no yolk or is that a typo?

Thank you!

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hi S.W.,
I think the recipe should be okay for sausage buns. Yes, it uses only 2 egg whites, not the yolks. BTW, I do have recipe for sausage buns too, you want to try that instead? Here is the link:

Happy Baking!

Anonymous said...


I just saw your hotdog bun link and it uses mashed potato (which I know can help produce softer bread). Hm, now I can't decide which to try! I was intrigued by this milk loaf recipe since it incorporates tangzhong, whipping cream as well as sponge dough method (sort of) - all three which aid in producing a super soft texture in buns.

Between this and the hotdog buns, which is softer and yummier? Hehe! Thanks.