Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pineapple tarts

Finally, I got some time to bake another of my favorite Chinese New Year Cookies, Pineapple tarts. To me, Chinese New Year just does not seem right without them! I remember when I was young, I would always bug my mom to buy them from her friend whom made very good pineapple tarts.

This time will be my second time baking these goodies. I remembered the first time I make pineapple tarts, it was only a small batch and it turn out a flop, haha. The pineapple filling was made from scratch and it was not sweet enough. Furthermore the pastry was not buttery and soft...*sigh*

Well, I learn my lesson, so this time round I decided to buy ready made pineapple filling from a bakery supply store and use a good pastry recipe. ;) The result....not too bad if I say so myself, heehee. :D The pineapple filling is sweet and tangy, which balance well with the buttery and soft pastry. Yum-ooo! :O
I got this recipe from Lily's Wai Sek Hong food blog, which apparently she got it from The Best of Singapore Cooking. After reviewing it, I think it's worth a try.:) Thanks for sharing Lily! However I did made some changes to the recipe, like I did not add any yellow food coloring to the egg wash....that is why it looks lighter in color.

For variety purpose, I made 2 kinds of pineapple tarts, open face and roll up type. Personally I like the roll up type better, the shape allows better balance in the taste.

Since I have so much pineapple filling, I was quite generous on it. Hope I don't get complains that's it's too sweet, haha. ;) I guess the challenge next time I make these goodies would be to make the pineapple filling myself. :)

All nicely packed in tubs again...another new year baking task accomplished.
Felt totally satisfied ....hope the tasters will be too, haha.;D I'm sure you all out there noticed nowadays New Year cookies are getting more expensive and some just does not suit your taste buds. :-P So why not try making some yourself today for your families and love ones, I'm sure they'll appreciate it. ;) Hey, food usually tastes better when it's homemade and shared...good luck! Have a Prosperous and a Yearful of Love and Happiness

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