Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kuih Bangkit

Wow, time sure flies, it's approximately 10 days to Lunar New Year! Didn't we just have our Christmas celebration? Okay, that means I need to hustle to get all my new year cookies done soon! This time round, I'm making my husband's all time favorite NY cookie, Kuih Bangkit. Frankly speaking I don't really fancy it much, because it's hard to find a good store bought one. Meaning most of the time, it's either too hard & crunchy or doesn't even melt in your mouth. :-PSo I was a little worried about attempting to make this cookie. And hence I decided to make a small batch first and decide from there how should I modify the recipe. I searched online and found a fellow blogger with this great recipe. This recipe specifically state that coconut cream is highly recommended, so I bought fresh grated coconut and squeezed the juice out. Then I let juice stand in the fridge for 1hr and use the coconut cream on top.

The cookies that turned out on my first attempt was a little crunchy and doesn't really melt in the mouth. I suspected I added too much Tapioca flour into the dough during the kneading and shape cutting process. Since the dough is really soft and it's kind of hard to cut out with the cookie cutter, but must remember to resist adding more flour!
So on my 2nd attempt, I doubled the recipe amount and was really careful not to mix too much flour into the dough. Just enough to make it pliable and not too sticky. And the end result was just what I expected, a little crunch on the outside and the cookie just melt in your mouth!

In conclusion, even if you have a great recipe at hand, you have try it out to make sure you get the best end result. Also a note, I probably will do away with some sugar, if I were to make some more with this recipe...perhaps 1 tbsp less.

All nicely packed in mini tubs to be given away. Hope my friends and family will love these cookies....most importantly my hubby loves them too. ;)

Gong Xi Fa Cai


Angiekyl said...

Well done

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Thanks Angiekyl for your kind support! ;)