Thursday, January 22, 2009

Crisp Taro(Yam) Cookies & holiday break

When I happen to come across this Crsip Taro Cookie recipe, I just couldn't resist trying them out myself. Taro cookies, cool! Personally I like the taste of taro, mallow and slight sweetness to it, it's perfect for both deserts and savory dishes. And so far the Chinese new Year cookies that I made are all traditional ones, why not give a new cookie recipe a try! Furthermore the taro I bought a couple days back is still sitting in the refrigerator, giving me all the more reason to do it, heehee. :D So thanks for sharing this recipe, Happy Flour!

It's a relatively easy recipe to work with and so is the dough. :) Make sure to use fresh yam to obtain maximum flavor. :) When the cookies are done baking in the oven, your whole kitchen will be filled with this delicious yam fragrance, so nice! But note that you do not underbake these cookies, it will not taste good, make sure they are golden brown before you remove them from the oven.
This time I used these mini cookie cutter which is originally for Easter, so you might be wondering how come there's shapes like chicks and eggs, heehee. Overall the taste of the cookie was crisp, slight sweet and flavorful. Well my MIL likes it, so I guess it's already a good recipe to keep, haha. :D Before I finish up this post, I would like to make a small announcement to all you followers and readers out there. I will not be able to blog for awhile. Reason being that I will be going back Singapore for New Year Holidays and immediately following 2 weeks vacation in California. Yes sunny California, have not gone back there for 2 years 2nd home. ;) Actually I'm quite sad that I won't be able to blog & cook for awhile since it's quite a therapeutic thing for me to do.
Anyway, I will still be checking my blog now and then, so feel free to drop a comment. ;) You never know, I will still be posting all the interesting stuff while I'm on my trip, so stay tune. In any case, I will officially be back again in mid February, so for the time being, I wish with all my heart that everyone out there a Happy Lunar New Year!
一切顺利, 幸福美满

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