Friday, May 8, 2009

Ultimate Chocolate Muffins & My Elephant

As you might have read in my previous post, I went for a GNO (girl's nite out) with my friends for our Mother's Day celebration. Okay, I admit, I feel bad leaving my hubby and girls home while I go out to have a good time. What to do? I'm a Mom! But a girl's got to do what she needs right? Some girlie time with my friends of course. But what should I do for my little ones? Well, I figured baking my little girls something nice so that they can snack on while I'm out for the night. Then I happen to see this Ultimate Chocolate Cupcake recipe from a fellow blogger, Precious Moment's post and I thought this is perfect! Well, you know me, anything involving chocolate totally interests me!
Good thing I have buttermilk in the fridge, so I went for it. And indeed these cupcakes were delicious! Moist and really very chocolaty! I even made enough to give away to my neighbors' child whom one told me her daughter did not want any more dinner after eating on these yummy cupcake! Oops! I'm make sure to pass them the cupcake after dinner next time, heehee. :D Interested bakers can proceed to the above link to get the recipe.
Actually, knowing my dear hubby will take good care of my girls while I'm out, I am already 110% sure they will have a good time playing and bonding, so there is really nothing I can worry about. And I could not thank him enough for doing this for me. ;)

Needless to say, I would like to blog about My Elephant, no, it's not my old clock, its the restaurant me and friends went last night. :-D
I think the food is great. You will agree with me if you like good Thai food, which are well flavored, with the right kick of spices and makes you craving for more. ;) The overall ambiance is a little dim for me, well I like to see what I eat! But I tell you, the bench we were seating's like biting us on our buds the whole night! It's like those grade school canteen benches!

Okay, back to the food. I guess the best I can do is to show you the pictures of the yummy dishes we ordered to give you an idea what we are really enjoying last night. ;)
Their brown rice is surprisingly not coarse, but soft and fluffy, almost like white rice, excellent. I had so much rice, it's a good thing it's brown rice...made me feel a little less guilty for all that carb intake!
The fishcake has the right texture and very flavorful, not at all fishy. I bet my girls will love this!
The sweet & tangy mango salad really boost our appetite...Sedaap!
The most enjoyable dish for me is this spicy stir fry paku leaves. It's not stringy or chewy but it's crisp and light, and the spices go so well with the rice...I can eat the whole plate myself, haha!
The Lemongrass Chicken is very flavorful and not at all dry, very good too.
This duck curry was actually pre-ordered by my friend when she made the reservations for our stuff huh? It's very good, correct amount of spicyness and not at all too greasy...and the duck meat is really tender and flavorful. Need I say more?? More rice please!
I guess for me the slight disappointment was the Tom Ka with seafood...I did not quite like the creaminess from the coconut milk added to it. I guess I still prefer the old traditional Tom Yum Goong. ;)
And of course, ending the dinner with my mango cheesecake. I am so glad my friends still managed to finished & enjoy my cheese cake even after that heavy dinner. ;) It's light, not too sweet and the crunchy cookie & nut base adds a nice compliment to the cream cheese.
Overall, we had a great time (again). We spend the rest of the evening catching up and talking away...up to the last minute when they close shop, haha! Anyway, I am looking forward to our gathering again next week...where we will bake up some more yummy food. Interested? Stay tune! ;)


Unknown said...

Had a great time with you girls at My Elephant too! I realised later I should have ordered the Tom Yam Goong instead of the Tom Ka. I think being ladies we still prefer sour soup to the slightly sweet one that we had. Well, next time!! By the way, the vegetables were paku leaves, not kangkung, hence the crunchy texture :)

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hi Ee Peng,
Heehee, thanks for proof reading my post again, appreciate it! Have already edited to paku leaves, thanks for enlightening me about it, heehee. Hey good recommendation btw, more to come?