Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pan Fried Paos (香煎包)

Today I wanted to make something different for dinner, something I have not made before but would be easy enough to prepare. Luckily I came to a recipe from Lily's Wai Sek Hong which looks really appetizing, it's her Pan Fried Paos (香包). It look really good on her blog and it only took me a few minutes to scout through my fridge and pantry to get everything ready. :) I believe most people have tasted this dish before when they dine at any fine Dim Sum place, and it taste almost like gyoza, but the skin is probably different for this case.

My hubby intended to work late tonight, but when I told him I was making these delicious pan fried buns, he came straight home, haha! I guess any loving wife will know the secret in capturing her husband's appetite, just like the Chinese saying "要抓住男人的心, 必须先抓住他的胃", haha! ;)
I followed Lily's recipe up to the dot, just that I only make half of the recipe, because I did not want any left over. As she mentioned these must be served immediately after cooked, else it just looses it's crispiness and it will not taste as good.
Biting into one, it's crispy on the outside (one side actually), and tender, juicy & flavorful on the inside. If you are one of those "veteran" dim sum eater, you probably want to dip these paos into some red vinegar, yummy! For me, eating it without any dipping sauce is already good enough. ;) Overall, an enjoyable dish, will make it again when I'm craving for dim sum like these. Cheers!

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