Sunday, May 10, 2009

My first Fondant Cake

Actually took me quite awhile to decide whether to blog about this...but after some encouragement from my friends, I guess I "cave in", haha! What's with the hesitation? Well, I literally rushed through doing this cake, that includes the baking, the fondant molding and the decorations. And I find my fondant work not that fantastic...really nothing to publicize about. :-P But after much thoughts, I know if I want to improve and compare, this is the best way to keep track of my past works. So brace yourself, behold the works of an amateur below....

This cake was made for 6 little girls, including my 2 girls, where all of them are about the same age. There are a total of four families coming together for a BBQ gathering. And incidentally, all of the families has at least 1 child with their birthday falling in either the end of May or in June. So the mommies decided it will be great to hold a party for the girls (on the eve of Mother's day?! haha!) Knowing me being so "obsessed" in baking (haha!), they appointed me to take care of the cake. Frankly speaking, it took me a longer time to decide what kind of cake to make then actually doing it!

Had initially thought of just making a normal cake with icing...but I knew the girls will not take too much interest in those. So I suck up the couage and went for it!

I guess the biggest challenge was to keep the fondant from melting! It's hot and humid at normal temperature in Malaysia, so the fondant can easily just melt down...and it's gonna be ugly I tell you! So after the advice from a friend, I kept the cake in air-tight container in an air-conditioned room after I mold the fondant on the cake....I know, talk about labor of love!
And unfortunately I had to attend some course that day, making the time for decoration even shorter. When it was time to "face the judge", I simply just did some last minute piping of fresh cream all hope that it's still presentable to all.
Looking at my cake now, I really need to brush up on my piping! Haha! But you know what, I had fun making this cake....I just wished I had more time to mold more stuff with fondant to place on the cake. For those people wondering why I made a dog verses any other animal, well it's because one of the girls has a little white dog, and all the 6 girls really enjoy playing with it....and hence the little pup. Anyway, if you see carefully, you might notice the fondant is already starting to melt down on the sides due to the hot weather (plus the BBQ heat!)

I guess the best part of it all for me was seeing everyone's happy faces when they see the cake and also when they chowing it down, heehee. ;) Thanks all!

The cake inside is a recipe from Godiva's website which I used to make quite frequently when I was back in California. Interested bakers can go to this link.


Passionate About Baking said...

Hi Honey Bee Sweets,
It's always so exciting to have the first! It might not be the prettiest, the best, but it's a good start. As Gina puts it, the journey of a thousand miles start with first step. The girls will be delighted with this fondant cake that you have specially created for them. I've not tried fondant yet...

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Thanks for encouragement! Yes, the girls loved the cake, my younger daughter even want to eat up the girl fondant mold, haha! And you are right, nothing beats the first time. ;) Looking forward to your first fondant post! ;)

Angiekyl said...

Hi Bee, your fondant looks cute. Keep up the good work.

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Thanks Angiekyl! You just made my day! I will definitely try to do better the next time, thanks for the encouragement. ;)