Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Soft Cookie Scones

I have been scouting around for a good scone recipe and happen to stumble upon this great website, call The Knead for Bread. It has a variety of recipes, mainly for bread and it even shows step by step instructions with pictures.
For this cookie scone recipe, it gave me the initial impression that the scone will turn out a little on the hard side...cookie right? But in fact it was slight crunch on the outside and soft and melt in the mouth on the inside. ;) Perhaps it's because it uses bread and cake flour rather then the usual plain flour. :)

Sometimes I really envy those bakers that made such nice looking bake goods. Mine somehow always looks a little out of shape or "deformed", haha! I really have to work on that! I guess practice makes perfect. :) Like the Koreans always say "Fighting, fighting, fighting!"Since the original recipe is from US, I kind of suspect the measurement is slightly different from the European measurement. In the recipe, the cup measurement for flour probably weighs to approximately 128g to 155g. ( I know, there's so many arguments online about the actualy weight, I'm not too sure about it myself). So when I use the usual weight of flour (110g for 1 cup) the dough did not come together, it was too wet. Hence I added another 30g per cup to make it a more managable dough. Try it out and let me know how yours turn out!
A close look at the soft crumbly inside of the yummy scones. I added dried cranberries instead of currants for my recipe. :) Some cold butter and preferred jam, there you have a delicious breakfast worth waking up in the morning for. ;) Enjoy!

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