Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chocolate Fondant Ultra Cake

It's been quite some time since I last baked some chocolate cakes or cookies...quite abnormal for me, haha! Perhaps I just did not look hard enough for a new & good chocolate recipe or maybe there's no chocolate craving lately?(very unlikely) Anyway, like the good old saying, time makes the heart fonder yeah?!
So I happen to be browsing one of my favorite food links call Foodbeam and found this delicious looking Chocolate Fondant Ultra Cake recipe. I was amazed by the huge responses (61 comments) on this recipe....so what's the big hu ha? Apparently it's the most decadent, most devine and most delicious(yes, not just double Ds, it's tripe Ds, haha) chocolate cake for those whom has tasted it. :-O Oh wow, I was thinking, I have to try this!!

So this recipe is actually from the all famous Nigella Lucy Lawson, AKA Food Goddess. I really like her, whenever I caught her on TV, I'll be like totally mesmerized in her cooking program, heehee. I have 2 of her recipe books but unfortunately I did not bring them over when we relocate here in Malaysia....it's probably nestled somewhere in our storage in US. *sigh* Anyway, I was more then happy to be able to try out her recipe!

Using a good quality chocolate is pretty important for this recipe. Since quite an amount of chocolate is used, it thus will has the end taste of that chocolate you used...so please don't skimmed, I tell you it's really worth every penny. ;)
In the recipe, it also includes steps to make chocolate syrup to be drizzled over the cake. I have opt not to do it as I find the cake is already very good on it's own. :)

Perhaps you can see from the picture below the moist center of the cake...good thing I did not over baked it. ;) Looks good yeah?
How should I describe the wonderful taste of this cake...... It's moist, rich in flavor, light in texture ( almost melting in the mouth and not dense like brownie), a little on the crumlby side near the surface. Some of the people that commented they did not like the crumbly texture, but I find it not a problem, you simply refrigerate and no crummies! And refrigeration actually mellows out the dense chocolate taste, yum!
If you ever run out of chocolate recipe, this one will be a good one to try. It's like your favorite little black dress when you want to go out to have fun. It's a little naughty, it looks "delicious " and it will never run out of fashion! Enjoy!


Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Honey Bee Sweets,
This chocolate cake looks really wonderful. I read this recipe before but haven't try it yet. I agree with you, this cake must use good quality of chocolate in order to get the best result. Your one looks really yummy!

Passionate About Baking said...

You're faster than me for me. Kept this recipe for quite a while. The darkness of the chocolate really tempt me to try. I shall try it maybe this weekend. I simply love the chocolateness! :)

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hi Grace and Jane, thanks for stopping by! Yes, this cake is really good. Actually I like it better when it's cooled in the refrigerator. :) Looking forward to your posts on this cake! ;)Have fun!

Art of Eating said...

I loves moist chocolate cake, this will go into my to bake list.

Thanks for sharing.

preciousgurl said...

Hi again,

This is very tempting! What's double cream as stated in the recipe? Heavy cream? Your version looks so moist compared to the original one.. *sheesh* :0

preciousgurl said...

Mine has just been removed from the oven. Will let you know how this turns out for mine. :) Thanks for the lovely recipe. I cross checked with Nigella's website and she uses sour cream instead of double cream. That solves my headache coz I have left over of sour cream in the fridge.

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hi preciousgurl,
Actually double cream contains more fat content then heavy cream. You can usually find it in places like Cold Storage in the cheese/milk section. It comes in a small tub. Good luck finding the double cream and baking this delicious cake.

Bakericious said...

hi HBS, I ve baked this cake and although I ve overbaked but still very yummy, it must b tasted heavenly if I didnt overbake it :(. I will definately bake again and will seek ur help on it if needed. thanks in advance.

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hi Bakericious,
No worries. I've over baked my cake on countless occasions! Indeed this is quite a decadent cake...worth baking it again. Sure, just let me know if I can be of any help. :)