Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dinner @ IKETERU, KL Hilton

Lately I was telling my hubby about missing quality Japanese cuisine around the place we stay. I can dare say we did scout around and even asking friends where are their favorite Jap restaurant here, but none quite as satisfactory. So, being nice as my hubby always is, he made a reservation for Sunday lunch at Iketeru in Hilton Hotel for the family. He claim that it's one of the finest Japanese restaurant he had in KL. Curious how this place won my husband's high standards of Japanese food, I went there with high hopes that my taste buds will be tantalized.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, there was a very serene feeling surrounding it. The Japanese garden setting outside the restaurant was really nice, it even has a waterfall, so peaceful and inviting!The restaurant has a nice ambiance, not crowded, quiet and clean. We were seated at a corner which gave us plenty of privacy (or privacy for others since we have kids, haha) My girls were immediately given a coloring book each and a box of color pencils (for them to keep) to keep them occupied, nice! That leave me and my hubby to order our food in peace, haha!

One glance at the menu, we decided to go with their Konichiwa Weekend Brunch, which actually gave a wide selection of Japanese food, including Sushi, Sashimi, Teppanyaki, Makizushi (or roll), Fried dishes like tempura, croquettes, etc, Steam dishes, Rice/Noodles and even deserts. Per person @ RM98, pretty reasonable I would say considering the variety they offer. The way it works is per person can order up to 5 dishes each time, and each dish is like a small tasting plater, which allows one to sample several dishes without getting filled up so easily. Nice! ;)

First off, a free appetizer, basically jellyfish, cheesecake like tamago and marinated seaweed.
Then our order came, first was the Dragon roll, basically tempura shrimp and Unagi Maki and crab meat cucumber salad, very refreshing.
Then came our girls favorite, Udon noodles and Miso soup. They happily slurp up their noodles with fried sole fish and crumbled fried egg & chicken (something like croquette) which I forgot to take a picture of.
Perhaps I should let the picture do the talking and you can enjoy viewing them yourself with me babbling away. :)
I love the Grilled seafood pancake...perhaps it's the bonito shavings on top that gives it an extra flavor, yummy!
Somehow the fried soft shell crab did not turn out what we had expected, a little blend on the taste.
The baked scallops were great! Tender and bursting with flavor from the creamy sauce and slight sweetness from the fresh scallops.
I wished I had ordered a bowl of steam rice to go with the stewed Unagi, mushrooms and eggs. But I was not gonna waste extra calories on plain white rice at that moment, haha1
More yummy rolls and again white tuna, very flavorful and of the better sashimi I've tasted. ;)
The spicy chicken Yakitori was good...tender & not spicy at all. The sauce on it was really good but could not quite figured out what was it...definitely not tomato.
The tempura was great but I did not taste it. How I know? Well, my little girl ate both of them and I did not even get a bite...seeing her devour them, I guess it must be pretty good, haha!
Next came the grilled lamb chops and cod fish. Oh I love the cod fish, so fresh and flavorful! I wished I had order another one of it. ;)More makizhshi, the pickle box sushi was so-so....kind of a mistake to order it..but I was curious what it was. :)
The Teppanyaki seafood platter was great, pretty fresh but I wish they have marinated the scallops more...a little on the blend side for us.
During our wait for the desert, we went for toliet break and walked pass this super nice tatami room with a great view! Apparently they have to "hire" this room to use it...meaning need extra $$$. :) But it sure will be great to dine in there, don't you think....treat for the other senses as well. ;)We ordered several deserts, as shown below. Me and my hubby actually love eating the coffee jelly and the vanilla ice cream together. We got that idea from another Jap restaurant in Singapore which we also enjoy their custard coffee desert, delish!
The mochi was so-so, and the green tea ice cream was a bit too powdery taste...if you know what I mean.
Mixed fruits were sweet and fresh, I had 2 plates of these even after all those food! Haha...!
Overall, we had a wonderful dinning experience there. In terms of service, food and ambiance, I give them a 8.5 out of 10. Our bill came to a total of about RM225 including service and tax, our kids ate free since they were below 6years old. The restaurant also give parking coupons, so remember to ask for it.

Will definietly go back to Iketeru in Hilton Hotel KL....but maybe not so soon larr....wait my jeans cannot fit anymore, how!!


Unknown said...

Wow, that's a lot of food for two!!! Thanks for sharing this, might give the restaurant a go when I feel like pampering myself :)

Honey Bee Sweets said...

I know, haha! *pai se* We ate so much that we just skipped dinner that night. But it's good, so yes, pamper yourself! Maybe a birthday treat...huh? :D