Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chocolate chip Swirl Bread

Heehee, I'm really loving this bread making obsession of mine! Nothing describes the tiny leaps of joy whenever I see the dough rising up all pretty and nice. And the aroma....yes the smell of fresh baked's so good, I can literally be lost in sweet thought just smelling it, haha. While waiting for the bread, I always have a mix feeling of curiosity and anticipation on how the bread will turn out. But best of all, tasting the prize at the end, biting into that all so soft yummy bread.....I tell you, total satisfaction! Wonder if other home bakers are as indulging as I am, haha!

This time I have opt to make a chocolate bread recipe from 孟老师的100道面包. This recipe happen to be quite popular among the other fellow blogger, Chocolate chip Swirl bread. Of course the other reason for me to make this is pretty obvious, my girls and I love chocolate. ;) My little girl has specifically pointed out this one from the recipe book!
But if you have notice, my loaf is kind of "flat", not so squarish like the usual loaf bread...reason being my loaf tin is bigger and longer then the required size. Have been wanting to buy a shorter tin but did not get the chance to go down to the bakery supply store. :-P But in terms of taste and texture, this bread has nothing short coming, if you know what I mean. :) I can proudly say on behalf of the bread "I'm ugly but I'm yummy", haha!
I did make some slight changes to the recipe. I added 10g more butter to dough at the final kneading stage. I also added slightly more chocolate chips to the dough, to make it even more chocolaty! You know you can never have enough chocolate, haha.
The taste is really good, soft and fluffy. The overall sweetness depends on the kind of chocolate chips you add in. If you use milk chocolate chips, it will be sweeter of course. I used semisweet, so it was not overly sweet but still good to eat on it's own. :)

As for the shape of this bread, I will either double my recipe next it'll look more squarish or get my butt down to the bakery supply store to buy the smaller loaf tin, haha. For recipe, please click link. Enjoy!


Kitchen Corner said...

I know this bread must be very yummy! You did it very well!

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Thanks for the encouragement Grace, you're so nice. ;)