Friday, November 14, 2008

Last Day of School

Another academic year has ended and today is the last day of school for my elder daughter. The school is holding a party and parents are asked to bring some "finger" food for the children. I took this opportunity to bake a batch of Rich Moist Chocolate Cupcake With Rich Chocolate Toppings. I got this recipe from Elinluv, and she's nice enough to share it with me, thanks! :-)

My cake's appearance did not turn out as nice as Elinluv's. :-P I might have added a little too much cake batter into the cupcake holder, so the cake is oozing out. :-P And I didn't want to pipe too much chocolate topping on each cupcake, worrying the drive from home to school might cause the topping to run down to the sides.

But overall I like this recipe, will make it again when I'm having chocolate cravings, haha. :)

To thank the nice teachers that have patiently teach and care for my daughter in school, I decided to make some cookies for them.
Personally I love shortbread cookies, so when I get the chance, I always bake a batch and store it in an airtight container for late afternoon snacks. Today I used this lovely recipe that I got from Tea and Wheaten Bread Blog. Its light, and slight crisp, perfect with a cup of tea. :)The tiny black specs you see on the cookies are the vanilla seeds that I add to the cookie dough. :) If you love vanilla, you'll want to try this recipe. ;)I used heart and star shape cookie cutter. To make the cookie more colorful, I added a couple drops of pink food coloring to the vanilla icing.
After putting the icing, I placed the cookies into the refrigerator to "harden" the icing before I place the cookies into the cellophane bags.
Anyway, I hope the teachers like the cookies. May they have more motivation to keep up the good work! ;)


Anonymous said...

care to share the recipe of "Rich Moist Chocolate Cupcake With Rich Chocolate Toppings"??
Thanks in advance!!

email :

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hi Heok,

Unfortunately this recipe does not originate from me. Click link to see whose it belongs. You will have to ask the what I did. ;) Good luck!