Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A friend in town

Sorry for not posting for so long, have been busy "entertaining" a guest for the past 3 days. A good friend of my husband has come to visit us from California. It was good to see him again, really bring back some "nostalgic" memories when me and my family were in California. I'm gonna

What better ways to introduce him to Malaysia then letting him taste the yummy food around here? My husband has brought him to markan Roti Prata, Kajang Satay (Kajang is a place in Malaysia that is famous for it's satay) and of course all the local fruits, like Durian, Rambutan, Jack-fruit, Mangosteen etc.

A friend of mine over here in KL has recommended me this nice place, call Village Park, for Nasi Lemark. It's hidden in a corner in uptown Damansara complex. It's always packed with customers, so it's lucky if you can get a seat at all. ;)
My husband and his friend ordered their all famous Nasi Lemak along with their crispy fried chicken. There's several spices used in marinating the chicken that made it really fragrant and flavourful. The sambal chilli is very good too! Price is RM 6.80, not bad horr. :)
Since I tried the Nasi Lemak the previous time, I decided to order Lontong this time. The curry goes well with the rice cakes and there's also tempeh in it. Overall ok, but I think I will order Mee Siam or Mee Soto next time I go, haven't eaten those for a long time too!The next day we drove down to Melaka for a short day trip. The all red colour Christ Church is a well known landmark in Melaka. Notice there are tri-saws around, all ready to bring tourists for a ride around town.
Next stop is Jonker Street, particularly store 88, see below. They serve good Laksa and yummy cold desert and at a very good price! The place is usually packed, and also self service only please. But MUST go try this place if you ever make it down/up to Melaka Jonker Street!
All of us ordered Baba Chicken Laksa. Not too spicy, so even our Californian friend devoured the whole bowl no problem. :P This bowl only cost Rm3.50, cheap right?!
We cool down with each a bowl of Ice Chendol top with their special gula melaka syrup. Yummy! Price is Rm1.70. They sell their gula melaka syrup in the store in small bottles for RM5...I bought 2, perhaps can use it for my nonya deserts next time. For dinner that evening, we went to a Japanese Italian fusion restaurant, call Pasta Zanmai in 1 Utama. I love this place, the food is quite unique and the taste is quite pleasing to the pallet too. ;) One of our favorites is this thin crust teriyaki chicken pizza, topped with a soft boiled egg. Managed to take a picture before it was all gone, haha.Our friend orderd grilled chicken with cream sauce pasta, according to him, it's as good as his mom's gilled pepper chicken. (someone miss home, heehee)I ordered Teriyaki chicken topped with soft boil egg and pasta. I shared this with my little one, but ended up she ate more then me!My elder daughter went for tomato rice with chicken and bell peppers wrapped in soft omelett, swimming in a pool of tomato sauce.My hubby went for tempura shrimp with sesame sauce pasta. We wash down our food with a jug of fruit Ice tea, it was quite refreshing. The fruits inside are apples, watermelon, strawberries, melons, apples and mangoes:)
The bill came to a total of about RM140, not too bad I say. ;) I give this place a 9 out of 10, I'm always satisfied after the meal. So check it out when you're in 1 Utama. ;)

We went to Pavilion's Food Republic in KL for dinner the other night too, but I forgot to take the pictures of the food. Will remember to do that the next time when my in-laws are coming.

Overall our friend had a great time here and he said he totally enjoyed the food. His next stop is Singapore, but too bad we can't go down with him. We tried our best to give him all the best recommendations, where to eat and what to do in Singapore, so let's hope we hear some good comments from him the next time we see him in California. ;)

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