Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thick and Fluffy Kinako Pancakes

I believe most of us folks have seen those tall and really thick pancakes, either at the cafe or perhaps on some soical media platform. :P I am sure we all wonder how in the world did they manage to make such a thick pancake? Is there such a mould selling somewhere? Tell me! 

Well...instead of waiting for others to show me how or just wasting more cash in cafes eating dont know what they add in food, let's have a DIY session. Experimenting is my middle name...yeah it used to be chocolate. Anyway...I remember seeing it on some FB video awhile back and figured I give it a go, keeping my finger sna toes crossed, haha!

As if I have not enough challenge on hand, how about trying it with a new pancake recipe? Yeah, I can't stand same-old same-old, plus I need to live up to my middle name yo. :P Result? Awesome~!
I mean this is pretty decent right? Not as pretty as your cafe ones, but to be able to enjoy this at the comfort of your own couch, I mean home, it is a winner already. Plus at a fraction of a price too. ;) So happy my Kinako pancake recipe turned out so well with this method. No eggs added mind you, so this recipe can be considered vegan too, woohoo!

Without further ado ladies and gentlemen, let's look at what are the work involve here.

Ingredients for Vegan Kinako Fluffy Pancakes: (Makes five 3" diameter ~2" tall pancakes)
1 three inch diameter metal cookie cutter ring
1 parchement paper sheet, for lining the metal ring
120 g silken tofu, left in fridge overnight to drain out excess liquid
160 ml fresh soy milk 
80 g Cake flour
20 g Kinako powder
3 tbsp caster sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp baking powder
  • First we need to prepare some parchement paper liners for the metal ring, which in a way help the pancake to rise easier and also for us to remove the ring with ease. I've made a short video on how you should make the parchement liners. You need to measure out the inner width and cut out the paper first. The width and height of the parchment needs to be at least 1" thicker. You need to make 5 of these liners.

  • Next, make your pancake batter. One easy way is to blend everything in a blender. But I like to do it the traditional mixing way. :) First, mash the silken tofu, then add in the soymilk and mix well.

  • Next add in all the dry ingredients: Cake flour, salt, kinako powder, sugar, baking powder and soda. Give it a good whisk. Dont worry if the tofu bits are visible, it need not be perfectly smooth, but so long as it is not chunky will do.

  • Heat up a non stick pan and grease it lightly with melted butter. Place your metal ring and one of the paper liners on it. Note that the one below is too tall, you only need about 1-2cm taller then the metal. If it's too tall, it will be hard to flip later. 

  • Make sure the fire is at lowest. The scoop about 4 tbsps of the pancake batter in. I used my ice cream scoop which I put two scoops.

  • Cover the pan and let cook at low fire 5 minutes. I used my phone timer to keep track. After 5 minutes, open the cover, you will realise the batter has rose up pretty high to the rim.

  • Again note that the parchment paper liners are only about 1-2cm taller then the ring. You do not want to over fill it, the result wont be pretty. You risk having a mess flipping them afterwards. It takes a couple of trials to make this perfect, theres no foolproof method to get it right the first time. 
  • Next you gently lift the pancake to check if the bottom is golden brown. Once it is, use a thong to remove the metal ring and spatula to carefully flip the pancake over to the over side. Cover and let cook for another 4 minutes at low fire again.

  • Once the pancake is done, you can carefully remove it from the pan can remove the paper liner around it.

  • Repeat the whole process again till all the batter is used up. Serve it up with cold butter and sweet honey. Best thing in the world. Enjoy guys!

Perhaps this will be the breakfast that you can whip up for Daddy on the coming Father's Day? Plus that kinako flavor is so so nice, even my kids enjoyed it so much! Amazingly fluffy and delicious, sure to impress anyone you serve it with. So wait no more guys and save your money, make these fluffy Kinako pancakes at home. ;)

Have a good time cooking!

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PH said...

Very interesting these pancakes! I have not seen pancakes like these before (so suaku!) But quite a bit of work making the parchment liners. I wonder how it looks like on the inside.