Friday, September 25, 2009

Missed out posts

Have been so busy that I totally did not find any time to blog about all the food that I've made for the past week. That does not include all those great restaurants I went dinning with my family when I was back in Singapore! *Yaaaa!!* Nowadays when I am free, I would rather cook/bake later. Kind of frustrating when the things keep piling up but I guess I'll just have to live with it and start posting!! So now I am just going to have a quick run through of some of the "selective" bakes and dishes that I made just for reference sake in the future. :) First up is Pandan Kaya Butter Cake from Yochana's blog. One look at the picture and I was sold! I knew I had to try baking this cake since I like pandan flavor, I like butter and of course kaya. ;) Furthermore I had a little of the homemade kaya left over which I made earlier, so it was perfect! ;)
The cake was great, buttery and flavorful, not too sweet. Definitely a nice treat during tea time. :) It almost like eating a cross between a butter cake and pandan chiffon cake. :) Such a nice fusion...this recipe defintely can be used in other chiffon flavors. Err...will try it when I find time. ;)Next is "三杯鸡", A.K.A. Three cup chicken. This recipe is extracted from Rasa Malaysia, which I ever so frequently visit to get ideas for dinner dishes. When I first saw this dish on Rasa Malaysia, I was literally salivating! I so miss this dish which I used to had back in California. Some how Thai Basil is not so easily avaible in markets here, so it took me awhile to finally found it and cook this delicious dish. ;)
This is such an excellent dish to go with steam rice. But bare in mind to find fresh basil for this dish, it makes a lot of difference. I was lucky to buy a bunch that was really fresh and I kept in the frigde that lasted 1 week! ;) It allowed me to cook this dish twice in that week....yeah, twice...that's how much I like this "三杯鸡", heehee. :) Do try it out if you found fresh won't regret it. ;)

Last up is Peanut Butter Chococlate Chip Cookies. Empty cookie jar needs to be filled, so I asked my girls what kind of cookies they want. My little cookie "monsters" suggested peanut butter flavored cookies, which was great since I love peanut butter too! ;) Found this great recipe in Smitten Kitchen which she claim it is THE best Peanut Butter cookies..period. Since I am also a fan of her website, I trust her taste, heehee. Indeed the cookies were fabulous! When the cookies were baking away in the oven, it smell like peanut heaven in my kitchen! Being a peanut butter lover, this is a great treat for my craving. Since I used no sugar added Organic peanut butter, this cookie was not as "sinful" as it looks. ;D And surprisingly, this cookie is not overly weet but just right. ;)
The cookies were rolled in a thin layer of sugar coating before baking them. So when you bite into one, there is a slight sugar "crunch" on the outside and chewy on the inside. It's too bad I only have chocolate chips and not peanut butter chips else it will taste even better I bet! ;)

Okay, I am just going to keep this post short and sweet. Ain't gonna blurt on, so thanks for reading and visiting my blog friends. Happy cooking! ;)


Kitchen Corner said...

WOW!! You've baked a lot!! The shape of the cake looks nice. May I know where to get this flower baking pan? Can I use it for chiffon cake?

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hi Grace,
I can't remember where I got the pan exactly. But it is quite common in major shopping or groceries stores like Jusco or Carrefour. I don't think it's good for chiffon since it is non-stick. :P

ReeseKitchen said...

Hey Bee Bee, the cake is nice! The texture is just nice...:)I like it, thanks alot!

Honey Bee Sweets said...

You are most welcome Reese. Glad you like it. :)

Rasa Malaysia said...

Glad that you love the 3 cups chicken recipe. It's so good, right? Yes, the more basil leaf the better.

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hi Rasa Malaysia,

First of all, welcome to my blog! Yes I love it, and thanks for the recipe! Will definitely make it again when I can find fresh basil. ;)

Bakericious said...

Hi HBS, I baked the pandan kaya butter cake as well, super yummy :).

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hi Jess,
So glad you tried that out and like it. ;) Happy baking!