Friday, September 11, 2009

Assorted Pumpkin Oat Breads

Have been itching to bake some fresh home made bread these couple of days. But just could not find the time to do it....until yesterday. If you have baked bread at home before, you would understand what I mean when I say you really need time to do it. There is the kneading part, plus 1st proofing, the shaping of the dough, then the 2nd proofing and finally the baking. The whole process can take up to 5hrs give and take. Some people would not understand why would anyone go through so much trouble for something that is so readily available in almost any store. You know I can never stress this enough, but being able to enjoy freshly baked goodies at home is really a form of joy that one can truly appreciate it until they try it out on their own. Especially when you can wake up to the smell of fresh baked bread, it's really indescribable happiness! Unfortunately, I have yet done that for my family...meaning wake up before the break of dawn to bake. Err...a girl needs her beauty sleep if you know I mean. :D
This time I decided to bake pumpkin oat bread, pretty similar to what I have done before, just shuffling the ingredients. I even replace the honey with maple syrup this time...result was good. I find it fun to play with different ingredients as I am always searching for new ways to make the bread a little more interesting but not taking away the taste. This recipe turns out great since using root vegetables seems to soften the dough texture quite a bit. Will not be posting the recipe for this bread since it is pretty similar to the previous pumpkin and oat loafs I have made. Kindly refer to those recipes if you are interested.
Made 3 varieties of bread using the same dough base. First up is hot dog buns. Since the other day my friend Reese made a hot dog bun for my girls, they have been asking me when am I gonna make for them. So I took this "golden" opportunity to incorporate some old fashion oats(not rolled oats) into the dough. Old fashion oats are much chewier in texture and takes longer time to cook, but I believe they have same health benefits as the rolled oats . Do not use instant oats as they're pre-cooked and less nutritious and often have added sodium.
It's a good thing my girls were not bothered by the slight chewy bits of the oats that were not completely dissolved into the dough. Somehow kids just love hot dog buns...and making them braided, it even makes them more attractive. ;)

Okay, next up....err...these are not poorly pedicured feet, haha! I meant to make these buns look like golden colored princess tiaras with gems (cranberries and M&Ms). But somehow the baking process melted the candy and sort of "decolorizing" it! I hope it did not spoil your appetite, haha! Luckily my girls were still amused by the shape and my elder daughter even managed to guess it's a crown of some sort, haha! Then they started posing it on their heads as though they were wearing it! Kids...

I filled the buns with sweetened cream cheese, which was a good combo with the bread too, as the kids love them.The last item is a braided loaf with cranberries and sweet crumble toppings. This loaf is actually made just for my husband. He's not really a hot dog or tiara bun person, so just a loaf be much suitable for him. He likes the crumble topping, so I have scatter a generous amount on top.
Somehow this loaf turns out softer then the other above buns I made. Perhaps I have allowed it to rise a little longer? Or maybe volume wise it's texture is slightly different. Either way, I like this one the best too. ;)
The weekend is almost here. Anything on your schedule? Nothing? I'm sure you have at least 4 hours to spare? How about trying out to bake some delicious home made buns and loafs for your love ones, they will really really appreciate it, I'm sure. Happy baking!


Anonymous said...


Wot is old fashion oats? Any particular brand that u can recommend pls. Thx.


Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hi Penang again,
No particular brand, choose your own favorite, they are all healthy. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi again,

Sry, need some advise from u.
1.Is old fashion oats the same as roll oats? I've not seen this kinda oats b4 or mayb i'm green abt it...haha

2.Do u use the pumpkin sun bread recipe for this assorted pumpkin oat breads?

3.How many grams of old fashion oats did u added into this recipe.

Hope I'm not being too irritating in asking so many questions.


Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hi Penang,
I use organic oats this time which I already threw away the packaging, so no idea what the name is. Please just use Quaker brand. Old fashion oats are same as roll oats just that roll oats cooks more quickly.

Yes I used the pumpkin sun recipe.

Please refer to my instant oat loaf recipe for the amt added.

I did not follow these recipe closely as I did increase the amount to make more this time.

Kitchen Corner said...

Very nice braided bread. You've nicely braided the buns. I agree with you, there is always a joy of having homemade foods.

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hi Grace,
Thanks! Hey, one of these days we should all bake some bread & have a blogger's potluck bread/buns party...that would be fun isn't it?

tracieMoo said...

wow! you never fail to make the best buns! the tiaras are really cute. Could I have some of the pumpkin oat bread please..

ReeseKitchen said...

Yummy, yummy, yummy! Cheryl took all the buns! Brought the last sausage bun to school this morning...;p I just got to taste half the cream cheese bun...:( Hahaha! Thanks for sharing...can i have more next time?..heehee..:P

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hi traciMoo,
Haha, thanks! Just trying to get my girls to eat the bread. ;)Sure, come by my place...still have a tiara for u, haha!

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hi Reese,
Haha, I ask for more, now you too! Looks like we need to double our recipes nowadays! Hope we don't double our weight too!! :D

Kitchen Corner said...

Oh yes! Would you like to organize it? I think that would be very fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Honey Bee,

The colour of your egg wash buns looks perfect. Do you add any milk or water to the lightly beaten egg for the egg wash? If so, what is the proportion of the liquid to the one egg? Hoping for your advise. Thank You.


Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hi Grace,
Err...unless you ladies don't mind coming down to KL, else it will be kind of hard for me to organize it. Because my trips to s'pore is always last minute decisions....hope u understand. :)

Hi Sam,
I usually use equal portion of beaten egg vs milk for the egg wash. :)