Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Family

My mum and my sisters paid me a visit here in Malaysia last weekend and as expect it has been a non stop eating & shopping spree for us! I have been looking forward to it for a long time now, because it's not that easy to get them here with their busy schedules. We had such a fun time for the past 3 days...it was kind of sad to send them off (even though I will be seeing them again in 2 weeks time, haha). Since I ain't a local here myself, I have to rely on friends here to recommend me which "hot spot" to dine at. Thanks to a dear friend, Ee Peng whom also share the same passion for food, has taken the time to showed me a few very good places. Thanks!! However I am only going to talk about 2 places that we went, not that the rest is not fantastic...just that I know my post will be way way too long! So let's just look at the top 2 in rank...I sound like some DJ!

First is Teluk Pulai (Clay Pot) Ba Kut Teh restaurant, A.K.A
落玻璃煲肉骨茶分店, located at the fringe of Klang. It was the first morning breakfast, so thought that it might be appropriate to eat the local Ba Kut Teh to start off the day! ;) When we reached there, we were lucky to find a big table to accommodate us and the food came very quickly. (I remember the place was really packed when we left!)
We ordered a mixture of lean and fatty pork meat to get a taste of both, plus rice, Chinese Kungfu tea and you tiao of course. The you tiao goes really well with the soup, so we had 3 orders of that!
Please forgive my poor photography skills...I did not successfully capture the tender, delicious looking meats in the big clay pot (why are vege and the ladle there?!) But indeed the taste was great, not heavy at all but has a very mild herb scent, sweetness from the meat and the slight "stickyness" in your mouth when you eat savory dishes like this, super! Lean meat, fat or skin, all tender and juicy, a big yum-o! One big difference in this dish to Singaproe style is there are hardly any or no bone in the meat! They used 3层肉(those for roast pork) instead of pork ribs...very interesting. So much more filling eating this, since there's more meat vs bone, haha! Besides the meat and you tiao, we wanted something light and more "refreshing", so a side dish of 油菜. At the end of it, wash everything down with a few cups of Kungfu Chinese tea...ahhh. *satisfied* Will definitely come again, a very different and tasty kind of Ba Kut teh from Singapore style ones. ;) Interested? Check it out :

32, Jalan Batai Laut 5, Kawasan 16, Taman Intan, 41300 Klang
Opening hours: 7 am - 3 pm

Next up is Green View Restaurant in SS2.
This is again my friend's recommendation. They are famous for their Sang Har Mee, so we decided to drop by to try out the delicacies. ;) I was really glad I made the reservations 2 days ahead as it was packed with hungry customers while we reach there. We actually saw 4 Singapore cars there in the carpark, looks like it's reputation is "internationalised", heehee. ;)The food arrived fast and first up was half a suckling roast pig.
Well marinated pork which was tender and juicy, with a crispy skin layer. The texture was really good! Love it! My younger daughter loved it so much that she ate at least 5 pieces! (Looking at the above picture, you know she had the lion's share!)
Marmite prawns, another great order. The sweet and crunch skin goes really well with the prawn meat. Another of my daughter's favorite. ;)
Kai Lan cooked 2 ways. My sister asked, "The crispy greens on top is seaweed?" I said "No, it's kai lan leaves, thinly sliced and fried till crisp". My sis, "Are you sure?!" I go "Yeah I am sure". Haha! But in fact the crispy greens on top does taste like seaweed, that's why several people that has not tasted it before can be misleaded. ;) An unique and delicious vegetable dish. ;)
Drum rolls please....the much anticipated Sang Har Mee! Looks so good right? Because it is good! Look at those huge prawns...no it's not lobsters...it's real big prawns, like the size of my palm. ;-P The delicious gravy over the crispy fried shan mee was a great combo, not to mention the tender sweet prawn meat...mmmm...give me another serving please, haha!
Okay, my favorite dish for the night? Tar-da=>>Salted Egg Yolk Fried Crab!! Ai yo, it's so good! I have eaten this cooking method of crab before (this is the 4th), but by far, this is THE best! I'm not sure is it the freshness of the crab or the way the chef have skillfully seasoned the dish, but OMG, I enjoyed it so much! The tender sweet crab meat accompanied with the salty egg yolk is a work of art....food art! Even after the dinner, me and my husband were still talking about how delicious the crabs were, several times...haha! Please...do not, I repeat, do not miss out ordering this dish if you are at Green View. ;) Wash down the sumptuous dinner with a cool and refreshing young coconut's juice. ;) Perfecto! Verdict: Will go Green View restaurant again...soon, heehee. ;) Interested? Google map this address :

No. 6 & 8, Jalan 19/3, PJ
Tel: +603 7954 9263

Had a great time eating and shopping with my family. It was a great vacation for them and equally fun one for me. Wish they would come more often. ;P That would be a perfect excuse for me to pig out and go shopping craze again, haha! Cheerios!


Unknown said...

Wow...all that yummy food is making me hungry :)
I am amazed you all ordered so much at Greenview!
Most of all glad you liked them, could feel the enthusiasm and excitement just by reading your post!!!

meiling said...

Thanks for the nice arrangment for this trip, I must say all the dinning out are very good, I still thinking of the "Prada" that we ate on the first night supper. It have chewy yet crispy texture & the yogurt fragrant also unforgetable. I promise myself will visit that restaurant again.
What is the address? :->

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hi Ee Peng
Haha, you know what, me too! I am still thinking about the crab! Yeah, we were sooo stuffed after that meal...but happily stuffed of course, haha! My mistake, I ordered the Sang Har Mee for 4 ppl...abit much, but miraculously, we still managed to finish the food! Thanks again for the recommendations!

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hi Meiling,
No problem, we had a super time too! Hey, I didn't know you like Murni's Nann so much! No need address larr, will bring you there again when you come again. ;) Should have blog about Murni's also... ;)