Monday, December 7, 2009

A bunch of good stuff

Lately I am finding less and less time for blogging. *sad* Besides packing for the move, I have to keep my kids entertained during this school holiday rather then shoving them in front of the TV. And knowing the fact that I will not be able to bake as often as I can once I moved doesn't make my mood any merrier even though the holiday season is around the corner. :-P Nevertheless, I tell myself I am going to make the best out of what I have now and enjoy every single bit of it before it ends. :-) So that sort of explains the named of my post. Even though I can't blog as often, I try to consolidate a bunch my baking and post it up when I get the opportunity. So what do I have? A birthday cake, some Christmas cookies & an apple pie. The birthday cake is for a dear friend whom I was lucky to know which have helped me in many ways. :) Then I baked some cookies for a group of girlfriends since we used to have this cookie exchange thing last year. But due to everyone's busy schedule, we decided to just dine out this year. ;P But I made them some simple cookies anyhow. :) The apple pie? Well, my elder daughter loves apple pie and she has been asking me since we were on our last vacation. :D
Actually I felt kind of bad I did not do a good job with this birthday cake. *sigh* Wish there was a little more time and more ingredients which I did not find the time to buy. :-P I know, I have to do better then just excuses. Anyway, I still managed to baked up this simple butter cake using a flower mould in time for her birthday on Friday. I placed fresh whipped cream and blueberry filling in the middle and tinted whipped cream and some simple buttercream as the deco on the outside. As you can see I did not do a good job my piping, still can see tiny gaps in between. :( And since it's a gift for my friend, I did not get a chance to taste the cake or even take any pictures of a slice either. :-P Anyway, hope she has a wonderful and joyful birthday with her family. ;)
Since I was meeting up with a group of friends for dinner, I decided to grab the opportunity to bake some cookies for them. Actually this is Florence's recipe, Wheatgerm Cranberry cookies. Honestly, these cookies taste great! I just regret I did not double the recipe! So I had only a few to share with all my friends. *sorry ladies* No worries, since I still have wheatgerm and cranberries, so I can whip up more of these yummy cookies this week. :) Sometimes it feels like striking jack pot when I find tasty and yet healthy recipes like this which I know I will make it over and over again. Can't wait to try it out yourself? Head over to Do What I Like blog to check it out.
Since the cookies are already so good on it's own, I did not think it need anymore decorations or icing on it. So I merely used some Christmas cutters to make it look a little more festive. :) BTW, I did not follow the step which the dough was refrigerated for 2hrs before baking. The dough wasn't sticky, so I merely roll and cut, . :)
The last item on the list is an apple pie. It's not everyday you see kids loving apple pie. My elder daughter would choose apple pie over ice cream...yes she likes it that much. :-P And since she has been asking for it, I figured why not since I already has some apples siting in the fridge. My daughter even helped me cut out and decorate the mini flowers on top of the pie. :)
Actually I made an apple pie just last month, but using Granny Smith. This time I used Fuji instead which my girl said she likes it better. :) Sweeter the better I guess. :)
A look at the inside which I didn't deliver the previous time. :) The apples were still slight crisp and not too watery on the inside, which goes really well with the slight savory pie crust. :) My daughter actually ate 2 slices of this everyday after or between meals! :) So glad she likes it so much....probably will have to make it again next week! :-P Interested to try it out, please go ahead to the above link and check out the recipe. Have fun guys and have a great week ahead!


youfei said...

The apple pie sure looks yummy!

I think I wanna try it out soon too! =p


Kitchen Corner said...

Hey, you still could do so many things. That's very good enough! I hope you can enjoy as much as you can for the rest of the day in PJ. And I'm sure you will have more fun after moving down here :) Don't worry be happy my dear! Beside, I like your apple pie. It looks really tasty. I shall do it some day when I get some vanilla ice cream to serve with it. Thanks! and... cheer up!!!

Bren said...

Never tried wheatgerm but it does sound nutritious. My hubby used to love apple pie/tart. Thanks for the recipe :)

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Thanks youfei. :) It is a nice desert to have, especially while it's warm. Try it with vanilla ice cream, it really makes it even better. ;)

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Thanks Grace, your comment has already cheered me up! Knowing that there are friends like you around to push me on it's already a blessing, thanks! ;)
Yes! Warm apple pie & vanilla ice cream..yummy yum yum! Enjoy!

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hi Mysweetkitchen,
I think you should try out wheatgerm, it's actually more fine then wheat itself. Try finding it at the organic section in those shopping areas. Have fun baking!

Unknown said...

The cookies were very nice!! All gone the next day.
Thanks so much for being so thoughtful :)

Honey Bee Sweets said...

It's my pleasure Ee Peng. I am glad you like them. Will be making some more for Susan and you ladies when we meet up.

Passionate About Baking said...

Don't be so upset. I'm sure you can enjoy the same baking here. It's only a temporary stop to your baking while you unpack and pack. The loss of PJ is a gain of Sgp to have you! Hahaha...;)
Your apple pie looks really good. Hope we find time to share when you move back here! Season's Greetings dear friend!

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hi Jane,
Thanks so much for your encouragement! You made my day! :D If only I am sure that we are gonna stay in Spore..unfortunately things are slightly more complicated then that. :P We already have flights booked to go back States in mid Jan! *sigh* As the Chinese says "
船到桥头自然直", let nature takes it's course. :) Will definitely let you ladies know if I'm staying.

Passionate About Baking said...

Ooh...I thot your girl is coming back here for her studies. Sorry, I must've mis-read somewhere that you were going to States instead of Sgp. :p So sorry. That means you won't be able to join us for our Bloggers party next time? How sad. :( Nevermind, the world is borderless. We will meet often in blogs. ;) Take care dear friend. Till we meet again.

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hi Jane,
Actually, you'll be surprise, but things are still not finalized yet. So there might still be a slight chance that we are staying back in Spore. Let's see how things turn out. ;) Will let you ladies know if I am gonna stay in sg. I sure hope to see you blogger ladies again!!