Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Birthday Dinner @ El Cerdo, KL

Last Saturday a group of good friends and I plus my hubby, went out for a delicious meal at this "porky" place call Elcerdo in KL. "Porky" because this restaurant serves several kinds of delicious pork dishes ranging from homemade pork sausages to slow roast pork ribs. Of course they serve some salad and seafood for variety sake in case there are some whom don't fancy pork that much. Furthermore Elcerdo means "the pig" in Spanish. Me? I love pork, especially char siew! But today we are talking about German, Spanish pork cuisine here, so no char siew, hahaha! Incidentally, this dinner was to celebrate a girlfriend's birthday, which we were told this restaurant was rather popular spot for that. And you know what, it was definitely true! For like every 15 minutes while we were dinning in the restaurant, we can hear the serving crew roaring "Happy Birthday" to a dinner guest at some table away! It was nice in the beginning to see the pleasant cheers and singing...but after the 5th time of interruption into our pleasant dinner, we become wide-eyed & laughing at the frequency of it!
Love the menu design...cute is it? However I find the ambiance of the restaurant a little dark and rowdy, I guess it's usual for places like these. Our serving crew, a couple of notable ones. A lady server whom came to our rescue when we had no clue which to order while browsing through the menu. She asked what we liked and plate up a few of their favorites (which I will show you shortly), which allow us to taste a variety of cooking methods and parts of the pork, good job! However, another male server, whom usually the one that brings us the dishes has this accent which always left us clueless of what he just said?! Anyway, let's get on to the food:
My drink, fresh green apple juice. No it's not sour...but only a slight tang to it, so I guess they added some syrup or something. It's pretty refreshing to drink while eating those greasy pork dishes.
Cream of mushroom soup. Something nice and warm to start the dinner off.
Their Caesar salad, usual, no wow factor here.
Platter of mixed homemade sausages. I really enjoyed this one! You get to taste a variety of sausages, all bursting with flavors. And juicy too! On the plate, there's Elcerdo's farmer's sausages served with Sauerkraut & Mashed potato. At one end is their German mini sausages which are wrapped in bacon in a skewer. If I'm not wrong, the big one is call Thuringer Rostbratwurst, some German bratwurst I presume. :)
These are Wenier Schnitzel Austria pork chops...the name itself is a mouthful! Although it maintain it's juice really well, I find that it's slightly on the blend side on taste if the sauce is not taken together.These are hickory smoked soft ribs. I like the seasoning and flavor for this which the ribs were grilled in spices, chutney, fine herbs and rum. :) However...I don't think they are that soft...no not the falling off from the bone kind.
Another slab of ribs, but slow cooked and served with BBQ sauce, Jalapeno Chili Mayo and Mexican Salsa. Frankly speaking, I was kind of disappointed in this. Normally when you see "slow cook" & "tender"...you would want the meat to be falling off the bone. Nope, not these. :-P Again the taste is a little blend with out eating with the sauces. :P The last one up is German Crispy Bacon Knuckle. The knuckle is tender, however I find it a little too lean, hahaha! I would really enjoy this if there's more fat with it...will make the meat even more tender. The crispy bacon goes well with the meat. Overall a nice one.
We ordered desert in place of a birthday cake for our friend. *sorry June!* But the deserts were real nice! There's this wild raspberry sherbet with grappa and "A dream in Chocolate" which basically is White chocolate ice-cream, milk chocolate mousse, chocolate crumble, bananas in passion fruit and pears in red wine.*phew* I love them both! A real nice desert to finish off the splendid dinner. :) They even place a candle and a mini souvenir pig for the birthday girl to keep. :) And yes...they sang "Happy Birthday" with a "oinky" choirs to her, hahaha!Here's a close up of the little piggy souvenir that Elcerdo gave my friend. It's actually blinking with light which changes its colour every few seconds. Cute! The drink on the right is complementary from the restaurant, which is called Elcerdo Special. It consist of juice, spirit and wine. Almost taste like Margarita with the accompaniment of salt on the glass rim. :) Interested to check out this restaurant? Here is their address:

No. 43 & 45, Changkat Bukit Bintang,

50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 603 2145 0511 | Fax: 603 2145 1375

Website: www.elcerdokl.com
Disclaimer: All above comments made are purely my own opinion of the restaurant's food. This is not an advertisment for Elcerdo.

Final Thoughts: Had a really great time "pigging out" and chatting with my friends and their husbands. Hope June had a memorable birthday dinner with us, I know I did. :) Gonna miss this bunch of nice friends plenty when I go. *sigh* Okay, better go do more packing, cherrio!


Quinn said...

Very nice, I really gotta try this place when I go back Malaysia for holiday!!!

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hi Quinn,
You should! But that place is kind of hard to spot. They're right behind Radius International Hotel or opposite Allson Genesis Hotel. Perhaps you should try ordering their suckling piglet, they have this special way of cutting it using just a plate. And it looks delicious too.:) Enjoy!