Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun

Have been looking forward to Halloween for a month now. Not that I am looking forward to pigging out on candy or dressing up, just that my friends and I have been planning to have a potluck party for this event. ;) Sounds really unconventional I know, suppose to be doing door to door trick or treat stuff. But honestly in Malaysia....little to no one celebrates this holiday. I remember it so well, as if it was just last year, when we were in was such an "extravagant" event for some people there. Their homes would be transformed into haunted houses and the people themselves would dressed up into anyone/anything possible! Presidents, celebrities and of course monsters. And kids around the blocks would all dress up, and come knocking at our door carrying buckets of candies and asking for treats. And I remember spending quite an amount of money on candies for this particular day which all would vanish within hours! I wish I have those Halloween photos to show you, but unfortunately I have left them in California. Anyway back to present time, me and my family still had a super fun time with our friends here and wished time had not past so soon.

For this potluck party, I decided to make some scary, creepy cupcakes to boost the Halloween mood. Made both Devil's Food and Butter Cupcakes yesterday. Was so rush for time that I forgot to take a "group photo" of our cupcakes. :-P So let me give it to you one at a time. First is my Bulgy-Eyed Monster with tentacles:
The tongue and tentacles are tinted fondant and the eyes are marshmallow and chocolate chips. The first thing the kids attacked when they eat these cupcakes were the eyes, hahaha!
All packed in boxes to be transported over to the party.Love the color combo in this cupcake. ;) Next up is my Spiders on Web cupcakes:
This spider idea just pop right up while I was preparing for the decoration. It was so fun doing the decorations and I almost forgotten I was pressing for time!!
I used chocolate fondant to mould the spiders, dark chocolate to pipe the web. It actually took me quite a bit of time to place the legs on the spiders! When my girls saw these...they were "shocked" and said there's a big black bug on the cupcake. Guess I need more practice moulding the spiders. :-P Next design is Skeleton Face Cupcakes:
Those eyes & noses are licorice candy that I found in Cold Storage. I just wished my cream cheese butter cream is whiter for this cupcakes...some how it still looks off white to me. :-P
Again boxed and ready to go for the kids & adults young at heart to devour. ;) My last cupcake design is : Witches!
Dressed up the witches with sour strip candies as hair, licorice for eyes and candy for noses. And of course the hats are ice cream cones. ;) Somehow I was not too satisfied with this witch design..,wish I had more time then.

Overall there was loads of delicious food in the party, Laksa, fried bee hoon, curry chicken, pandan chicken, Glutinous Rice (糯米饭), fruits and of course deserts, ice cream and candies for the kids! Here's a snap shot of just the deserts me and my friend ReeseKitchen came up with. A fun filled (and tummy filled) gathering indeed...and the 6 girls played princesses non stopped the whole night. I guess none of the little girls wants to be a scary character after all, hahaha!

I was really glad I got to celebrate Halloweern with my friends here...Malaysia style! Hahaha! Anyway, hope you had a both scary but fun Halloween drop by and tell me about your Halloween if you have a chance. Have a great day!


ann low said...

hahaa...These are so cute!

Kitchen Corner said...

You must have a wonderful Halloween with all those creative products :)

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Thanks Anncoo. Heehee...I love making these cupcakes. ;)

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Yes it was a wonderful potluck party with my fiends and family. ;) So when are we all meeting up in KL / Singapore? Heehee....always looking forward to having a good time with friends and of course delicious food! ;)

ReeseKitchen said...

Wonderful cakes BB, like all of them.., especially the spider, LOVE IT!!

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Heehee, I love the spider cupcakes too Reese. Glad you enjoyed them.

A Full-Timed Housefly said...

Oh my , your cup cakes look so cuteeeeeee !!! You are so good at decorating them , good job !

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Thanks for the gracious compliments Full-Time Housefly! It's actually fun decorating cupcakes...brings out the kid in me, haha. Try it, you'll enjoy it too.