Monday, June 1, 2009

School Break

It's finally end of May and inevitably the long awaited mid year school holidays. My girls has been looking forward for this break for awhile, knowing their parents has some programs lined up for them. Lucky for my kids, no tuition or back to school for make up lessons yet, so I guess they get to enjoy the holiday whole-heartedly. But on the last day of school, it's traditional that the school holds a mid year school party cum a teacher's day celebration. So once again I had to come up with some bakes for my girls to bring to school and something nice for the teachers as well.

This time round I decided to go with the S'more cupcakes from FoodBeam and Melting Raspberry Hearts from Cafe Corner. Cupcakes for the girls party and the melting hearts for the teachers. And since these recipes are not originated from me, I shall not be posting them online, please refer to link if you are interested.
For the benefit of those whom has never eaten or even seen a s'more before, a s'more is a traditional and popular campfire treat in the United States and Canada, consisting of a roasted marshmallow and a layer of chocolate sandwiched between two pieces of graham cracker. It's warm, gooey, sweet, chocolaty and also crunch all in one bite, all so good!
This delicious treat can be easily replicated at home using the above mentioned ingredients and just a few minutes in your conventional oven. I remember doing that myself when I was back in California when I crave for a sweet treat. It's especially yummy on those cold winter nights!
So when I saw Fanny's recipe, I knew I had to try it, and also keeping my fingers cross I can get it done in time for the party! ;D You must be going like "Ai ya, why not in time, sure can!" Well, if you are talking about making 1 or 2 dozen that's fine, but making 60 of these cuppies....haha...wish me luck! The above picture kind of shows you the steps involved. First is the cake itself, then the meringue layer, the coated chocolate ganache and lastly the colored sprinkles topping.

I was unable to get a snap shot of the inside of the cupcake because I only managed to made just enough for the I did not even get to taste one! But I did get to taste the cake on it's own, it's soft and not too sweet, almost has the graham cracker taste! With the sweet and creamy meringue and chocolate layer, I really believe it's a delicious treat for the kids. Well I hope they enjoyed it....considering I stayed up till 2am to finish making these cupcakes for them! Hahaha!

Next up was the Raspberry Melting hearts for the teachers. I had actually made these cookies the day before the party, considering the things lined up the following day.
The cookie dough was rather delicate to handle, but I resisted from adding more flour knowing that it will yield a harder cookie.
The end result was a delicious cookie that is almost like a shotrbread cookie but much more delicate then that. With the raspberry preserve sandwich inside, it compliments the buttery and mild taste of the cookie. Yummy! Wished I had made more for myself too! Anyway, making these two treats was hard work but yet a fun project for me...hope the teachers and kids will enjoy my bakes and had lots of fun at the party. ;) Now I have to worry what programs to keep my girls occupied during the holiday! Cheers!

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