Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Baos Galore!

Since I was young, I love to eat baos. Whether it's big baos, small baos, char siew baos, chicken baos, pork baos(with egg, yummy!) or even red bean ones....I will devour them all, haha! I remember my mom would always buy big pork baos for my family on Sunday night which will be steamed for breakfast the next day. But usually I would chow down one right away when she brought them can imagine what a plump little girl I was, haha! It's always daunting to me to make baos achieve that super soft skin texture and the delicious and flavorful You tell me?! But finally today, I decided to curb that "fear" and went for it! Coincidentally, my friend Reese made some red bean baos as well, and it was really Baos Galore in the house! I have so many baos that I can eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner, haha!
I did some research on the skin recipe but decided to twig it a little since I want to make more, including Char Siew Baos and plain buns for the roast pork stew. ;) BIG appetite, haha! Yup, I tried this delicious and simple recipe from my friend, ReeseKitchen; Rose Wine Pork Stew. What better ways to enjoy the plain buns?

My mouth was watering when I was taking this photo! The combination was really good if I do say so myself, heehee. :) Although I do wish I have not over-knead my dough (too used to making bread!) and thus creating a slight elastic texture, else overall the taste was really great, right amount of sweetness and flavor! ;)
Next up is Char Siew Baos. Okay, I have to say this, when I gave some to my neighbors, she said it's better then those Dim Sum places she ate! I almost cried.....haha! Another friend told me her daughter only ate my char siew baos for dinner and asking for 2nds! Success! Well, not exactly...still need to improve on the bao skin (MUST remember not to over knead the dough). Need to achieve that fluffy soft skin and the bao is suppose to be "smiling" (crack) at you after lift the steam cover.....I guess only more practice can get it right. So until then, I will not be posting any of the recipe out. ;)A close look at the inside of the char siew bao. My friend Reese commented that the filling was really good. Interested? You can get the recipe from My Home Kitchen.

Overall I had loads of fun making the baos and you can be sure this aren't the last of it. ;) Will try to make more baos, perhaps those big baos with meat and egg next time! Okay, enough chit chat, I'm going to eat some more bao now, see you next time. ;D


Kitchen Corner said...

Aiyooo... the paos really make me hungry! I love char siew pao a lot! You make it so juicy and tasty. I like to learn the char siew filling from you as well as the pork stew. DELICIOUS!

tracieMoo said...

wow.. yum yum.. looks really good.. do you prove it overnight?

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Heehee, no problem Grace. Anytime you are back in Malaysia, give me a call or email. You can come over my place, I'll make the Rose wine pork stew & paos for you! ;)

Hi TracieMoo,
Welcome to my blog! Yes, actually this recipe I used actually total quite awhile to proof, about 8 hrs. ;-P So it's a good idea to proof overnight. :)