Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chocolate Swirl Bread

I have to say I love this recipe, it's great! Being a bread and chocolate lover, what more can I ask for. When I saw this on one of favorite food blogs, Happy Home Baking, I knew I have to try it ASAP, haha. :D However I added some extra chocolate chips inside the dough, because my girls kept asking me when can they put chocolate chips in the bread! Anyway, I had fun making it, and so have my girls. ;) Interested? I got it from one of favorite food blogs Happy Home Baking. Here is the original recipe .
Look at all the swirls in the bread. Quite satisfied with it since it's my first attempt to make this.
Probably will omit the chocolate chips next time, because some got burnt and tasted kind of bitter. :-P
Recipe said let cool before slicing, but my girls were jumping around asking for it( plus I wanted a slice too!), so I cut it when it's still a little warm...but it's gooooood. :)


Anonymous said...

hihi ive always loved chocolate swirl bread but never attempted bread b4 :P this looks good!

Elin Chia said...


Nice swirl. I love baking too :)

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hi Missy,
You should try it, it's really worth it when you bite into your own home baked bread. ;)

Hi Elin,
Thanks! I try my best. Me too! If I'm not baking/cooking, I'm thinking of what to bake/cook next, haha! BTW, thanks for the chocolate cup cake recipe...will try it ASAP.