Monday, November 24, 2008

A birthday treat - Fine Dinning @ Sage

Yes, another year, another year older. I guess best not count the candles, why not indulge oneself in good food? Haha. My dear husband brought me to this nice French restaurant, Sage, in Singapore near Clark Quay. Read about it's good reviews and decided why not give myself a treat! ;)
The ambiance is okay, a little dim, but I guess they are trying to make it a romantic atmosphere. :) One look at the menu, my husband decided on the spot that we should go for the Menu Degustation, meaning the taster's menu or chef's recommendations. It's a 6 course meal, including desert and coffee.

My first course is Beef Carpaccio with jellied horseradish consomme, top with Arugula and Parmigiano Reggiano shavings. Not exactly my cup of tea, wish they have substitute the horseradish with something sweeter like stewed raisins or cranberries.

My hubby's first course is yummier. Risotto of Burgundy escargot & tiger prawns, top with Parmesan crusted poached egg and Italian parsley foam. When the creamy egg yolk mixed into the risotto, the whole dish taste even better .
Our 2nd course is seared scallop on Belgium endive topped with avruga caviar in Normandy and Parmigano Reggiano sauce. I like it, the scallop is fresh and sweet, yes sweet, that fresh seafood sweet taste. ;)
Our 3rd course is Seared Scottish salmon fillet on white leek, with emulsion of fennel cream and sweet basil sauce. Salmon is fresh and tender and I love the combination with the leek.
Fourth is Pan-seared duck foie gras on pear and walnut chutney, topped with muscat poached figs. Not my first time tasting foie gras, other words I've tasted better, but still, this one of the better ones. Didn't like the presence of walnut, didn't go well with the creamy, melt in your mouth feel from the foie gras.
Fifth course is Kurobuta pork loin with orange marmalade on slow cooked pork cheek topped with tomato fondue and aioli. The marmalade goes really well with the pork loin and the pork cheek is tender soft, yummy!
Final course, desert, my hubby has Chocolate souffle with Amaretto ice cream and vanilla bean custard. He said "Heavenly", haha. :)

Mine is Chocolate fondant with fresh raspberries and vanilla custard cream, and vanilla ice cream.
I love it, it even has a hidden surprise, a white chocolate truffle inside. The chocolate cake is a little crusty on the outside but soft and melt in the mouth on the inside.
Our bill comes to a total of S$277, (including tax etc.) Overall, I give this restaurant a 7.5 out of 10. If you're in Singapore and want to give your taste bud a treat, check this place out.
Here's a picture of the restaurant entrance, it's quite well hidden. But look out for the Thai Massage place, it's just next door.

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