Sunday, October 19, 2008

Baked Tapioca Kueh

I happen to come across this recipe from one of my favorite food blog, preciousmoment. Here is the recipe. I couldn't resist not making it! This tapioca kueh uses gula melaka which really enhances the aroma, yummy! Since the original recipe mentioned that it's softer in texture, I increased the cornflour to 6 tablespoons and reduce to 2 eggs. I even used a bigger and shallower pan to bake it (hoping to make it evaporate more liquid away while baking) . But you know what, it's still kind of soft then usual. Perhaps I'll try to squeeze more water out of the grated tapioca next time to reduce the liquid.

But me and my hubby still enjoyed it a lot! I'm going to make some for my mum the next time I go back, she loves tapioca kueh too....but perhaps with less sugar . ;)

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