Thursday, October 31, 2013

Matcha soba noodle salad -AFF featuring Japan

Okay, this is gonna be another rushed out post for AFF. Matcha soba noodle salad, a simple yet all so refreshing and delicious meal to have at anytime of the day. And it is really really so easy to prepare...I think even my kids can do it haha!
Ingredients for Matcha soda noodle salad (Serves 1)
1/2 package of matcha soba (or any flavor you prefer)
1 egg (tamago), beaten and pan fried, cut into thin strip
3-4 imitation crab meat, cut into thin strips
2 slices ham, sliced thin
1/2 Japanese cucumber, sliced thinly
1 tsp vegetable / olive oil

Dipping sauce:
1 tsp dashi granules
50ml mirin
50 soy sauce
1 tsp caster sugar 
  • Bring a pot of water to boil and add in the soba noodles. Takes about 4-5 minutes depending on the thickness of the noodle. Do read the package for details.
  • Drain and rinse under tap water to cool it to stop it from cooking.
  • Toss the cooled noodles in vegetable or olive oil to prevent it from sticking together.
  • Place all the sliced ingredients nicely over the noodles. Then add a tsp of the tobiko over the top as garnish if desired.
  • Prepare the dipping sauce by mixing everything together.
  • You can either toss the toppings together and drizzle the sauce over or simple just fork out mouthfuls of noodle to dip into the sauce. Enjoy!
Such a simple and healthy dish to serve to your family and friends! Do try this at home. :)

I am happy to submit this to this month's Asian Food Fest #1 Oct 2013 : Japan, hosted by Alan from travelling-foodies   


Victoria Bakes said...

What a lovely dish..... Any spare to go around?

Unknown said...

I love soba and your green tea soba salad looks so good. I could eat the whole plate on my own.

My Little Space said...

Wow, looks so neat. Wish I can have that for dinner. hehe.... Hope you're having a lovely evening dear.
Blessings, Kristy

ann low said...

Hi Bee Bee, Love this lovely and healthy meal. Can eat this everything! :D

PH said...

So colorful! This noodle salad must be very delicious.

Seth Lui food blog said...

Do you have any steak recipes? haha