Friday, May 24, 2013

Meaty Egg Rolls (Chung Kian) - MFF featuring Sabah

Happy Vesak Day everyone! Hope that you all have a great break from all the exam and hectic schedules. Well I am...that is why I can have the leisure to blog today, haha! Nothing out of the ordinary but wanted to get this post up before the end of the month for MFF. This time is the simple Meaty Egg Rolls, also known as Chung Kian (corrected by a local, haha).
I absolutely love Sabah dishes so far, haha! Easy and delicious! This was made last minute and yet it turned out fabulous. My whole family enjoyed it...well eggs and flavorful meat, what is not to love? I adapted the Happycall method from Peng's Kitchen to make the egg easy! Brilliant idea Peng!!

Ingredients for Meat Rolls (Makes 2 rolls)
Egg crepe
2+2 large eggs (I separately cracked 2 eggs each time)
1/4 tsp salt (This is for 2 eggs)
1/2 tsp mirin (optional, but I like the slight sweetness) -(for 2 eggs)
1/4 tsp cornflour (for 2 eggs)
  • Heat up the pan with 1 tsp of oil at low fire. Lightly beat 2 eggs and add in all the seasoning. Do not over beat!
  • Pour the egg batter in and cover lid. Cook at lowest heat for 3-5 minutes, and do not brown it as you want to keep the crepe in it's bright yellow colour. Do not overcook as over browning it will not look as nice.

  • Once the surface has cooked through, remove from pan. Repeat with the other 2 eggs and seasoning. Set aside for use later
Meat filling: (You can use either chicken or pork)
250g minced meat ( I bought those ready minced packaged pork, it does contain some fat)
1 tsp minced garlic
1 tsp minced shallot
1 tbsp finely minced ginger
1 egg white
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sesame oil
1/2 tbsp light soy sauce
1/2 tsp sugar
  • In a mixing bowl, add in minced meat and all the rest of the ingredients and seasoning. Use a pair of chopsticks and mix in vigorously till the meat is sticky and pasty like.

  • Divide the meat mixture into 2 equal portions and then spread one of the portion on one of the egg crepe wrapper.
  • Then from the meat covered side (The left side from the above pic) and roll it in like a swiss roll...tightly if possible. Then wrap the whole roll in plastic wrap and close up the opening ends. repeat the same with the other portion meat filling and egg wrapper.
  • Gently place the 2 egg rolls in the steamer and then steam at medium-low fire for 20 minutes.
  • After steaming, gently remove and let cool completely before unwrapping and cutting it up.
It was great that the texture  was just right, not tough or chewy on the meaty part. Do remember to wrap it nice and tight so as to avoid any air pockets. As you can see mine  still needs to work on that. :P Such a simple dish isn't it? It's yummy too! So if you ever ran out of ideas what to cook...this will be an perfect dish to try out. :))

I am happy to submit this to Malaysian Food Fest Sabah Month hosted by Mary Of a Pepper's Love.

Okay, got to go folks!
Hopefully I will be able to post up something before I disappear for 2.5 wks! Yikes! That's long! :P 
Have a happy long weekend my friends!


Mich Piece of Cake said...

These egg rolls look delicious.

Lite Home Bake said...

Another nice and simple Sabah dish, am sure my egg lovers family will love this :)

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Sound yummy!

Peng said...

Great that u try out the HCP method!! makes perfect egg crepe yah! ^.*

Baby Sumo said...

Oh am surprised Sabahan use mirin in their dishes.... looks a little like Japanese omelette but with pork filling right? Yummy!

My Little Space said...

Hmm...I want this on my dining table tonight! Slurppp...
Happy weekend dear.

Mary Chey said...

Thank for your support MFF SABAH & Hope you enjoy this dish!

Chef and Sommelier said...

Hi Bee! Going long holidays?!

Nice egg rolls! Do you think pan frying the slices before serving would enhance the taste?

Yenn said...

yummmm!! i must try this one day! Love your pictorial! it helps ppl like me! hehehehe Thank you!

lena said...

they are neat to me..going honeymoon ar?