Friday, January 6, 2012

Egg white & Cream Bread Loaf (蛋白醇奶土司)

Happy 2012 everyone! Hope my wishes are not too late! :P It's only been a week since we entered into this new year and I'm already been crazy busy since then! What have I been up to? It should be no surprise as this year's Lunar New Year is just a couple weeks away, so I've been busy with Chinese New Year cookies, that's why! :P Orders came in and I just took them, not even sure I can finish baking them in time or even consider is it really worth the time?! :P So wish me luck my friends...these 2 weeks' gonna be real hectic for me.

Just didn't want to leave my blog "hanging" there for too long, I decided to take some time off to post up something I baked yesterday. It's Egg White and Cream Bread Loaf (蛋白醇奶土司). You may find this name a little unusual or even think there's some egg white cream topping on the bread. No no no, it's just that this loaf used these 2 main ingredients which made it all so good. :) See for yourself:
The main reason why I have opted to bake this bread was the usage of egg white. :) As you all know that there are usually so much left over egg whites after all them NY cookie baking, so this recipe is just of those good ways to use the whites! Plus this loaf is not only soft and has excellent texture, it has a nice creamy milky aroma to it, good to be eaten on it's on. :9
Ingredients for Egg white & Cream Bread Loaf (fills a 9X5X5" loaf pan)
Set A:
300g bread flour
22g egg white
7.5g instant active yeast
90g fresh milk
120ml dairy heavy cream

Set B:
All of the above pre-dough
20g egg white
36g caster sugar
3.6g salt
1g instant active yeast

  • Combine everything in Set A and knead till everything is well combined and the dough slightly smooth. It is not required to knead till elastic stage. Cover and let dough proof for 2.5hrs in a warm place.
  • Punch out the air from the pre-fermented dough and combine everything in Set B to it. Knead well till it reaches elastic and window panel stage. It took me about 20 to 25 minutes on my KA mixer at medium speed with 2 times of 2 minutes break in between.
  • Cover and let rest for 30 minutes. Divide the dough and roll round as desired. Place in the greased loaf pan to rise till 90% full. Preheat the oven to 175C with fan.
  • Glaze the top of loaf with egg wash or milk and bake in the oven for 30 minutes. Cover the loaf with aluminum foil if the top browns too quickly. Once done, remove from oven and remove from pan immediately, cool on rack completely before slicing.

This recipe differs from other usual bread by not using butter at all. However it's use of heavy cream still gives the necessary "fat" it needs to give the delicious texture and taste. Think I will be baking this recipe while since there's so much egg whites left over. :P
A shot of the interior. With a sledder of cold butter and it's a good enough breakfast for me! :9
I made some tuna buns for my parents too, it's their favorite. ;) This recipe is pretty versatile, good as a loaf and good with filling too. :) Do try it out. One thing to note is that I found the proofing time takes longer then normal, perhaps it's the small amount of yeast added. But again, who needs to eat so much yeast!

Okay all, have a great weekend! Cheers!


鲸鱼蓝蓝蓝 said...


Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

i also quite long did not bake any bread, and now need to start making CNY cookies. This is a great idea using egg white in the bread, Thanks for sharing.Happy New Year 2012 to you.

Daphne said...

Looks so attracting, I love bread so much, thank you for the recipe!

爱丝特 said...

加了 whipping cream,一定很香奶味。。赞!

lena said...

another new break making method..i see that it takes longer period to make this bread..bit i think it's good experiencing all different ways of making breads!

wendyywy @ Table for 2..... or more said...

I was stumped when you said no butter at all because the bread doesn't look fat free (becos it looked so tender), until read further about the cream. Haha.

Macs and SMBC???? hahaha, they all use whites. Biscotti too! The easiest way, fry rice. Or even make tofu:)
Or just send them to me, LOL.

ICook4Fun said...

Happy New Year Bee Bee!! Another great bread from you. I wish my bread turns out like yours always but that was not the case. Sometime good sometime not :(

edith said...

Bee, I am going to attempt this but weather don't look sunny today. :(

ReeseKitchen said... are so good, even take in orders for CNY cookies!! I'm so lazy until 2 days ago, I finally started to bake something...haha! And my blog...OMG!! I have not been blogging since that "turkey"..haha! Hopefully I can finish baking those cookies by next week and post them all...;p
新年快乐 ya....^^

ReeseKitchen said...

Hey I commented but how come missing?...Hmm...nvm!
I was saying you are so good, can take in orders some more. I only started to bake last 2 days (with all the old stuffs)...hehe! They'll be 2 new ones if successful...;p Too lazy to do anything.

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Reese, your comment didn't go missing, it's me, also too lazy to check on my blog comments, lol! Yeah man, it's crazy I tell you, after baking like 10+ bottles, I count & count, I still have 30++ bottles to go! Ahhhhh! Help! I also dont know why I took all those orders! Anyway, better go do work now...😓

Zoe said...

Hi Bee, sorry that I drop by to say Happy New Year so late. This bread recipe is fantastic. I think I better rely on you for Asian bread baking, rather than trying to translate Chinese from my Asian bread baking book. I just recently made a blunder translating a Chinese book given by Lena :p

Loveforfood said...

irresistable & droooolworthy.

Jo said...

Ok, ok, I have got to try this after the CNY break. It looks so soft and fluffy, like the Hokkaido bread. I have never used egg white in bread before so it would be interesting. Any wishing you a happy Lunar Near Year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Honey bee sweets, i just came across your blog and and saw all the bread you bake turn out so well and awesome looking! May i know what brand of bread flour do you use?

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hi Anonymous, please kindly leave a name next time so I can address u better. Actually I use all kinds of brand, prima, bake king and even from bakery supply stores, I have no particular preference. But every brand has different protein content, so when baking it, you have to know the texture of your dough to reach the desired end result.

Passionate About Baking said...

I baked this bread today and it was really very soft and fragrant! I love it very much! It was really a long time since I last baked a loaf bread. I added some wholemeal flour (to make myself feel less guilty). Thanks so much for sharing this!