Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Black Forest Swiss Roll Cake with Cream Cheese & Fresh Cherries

Hi folks! Hope all is well. :) It's already past mid week and it's as usually busy for me. But all work and no bake makes me dull, lol! So finally I "squeeze out" some time this afternoon and did the Swiss roll cake I have been thinking of for the past week. :) It's Black Forest Swiss Roll Cake! Seen it on other bloggers' post which urged me even more to try it. Since there were some fresh cherries left in my fridge, I used them instead of canned ones. I guess the downside is that the cherries can get a wee bit tart. :P Luckily my family love fresh cherries, so they have no problem with it at all.:)) Personally, I like the slight sourness in the fruit which makes the cake's over sweetness just right. :)
I have adapted the same egg separation technique "分蛋式海绵蛋" for this Swiss roll cake from 孟老师的美味蛋糕卷 cookbook. For more details on the recipe and steps, please refer to my previous post on Chocolate Swiss Roll.
Instead of using just plain whipping cream for the filling this time, I added cream cheese into it. It turned out very smooth, extra creamy and went really well with the chocolate cake and cherries. Simply decadent! Read on for the cream cheese filling:

Ingredients for Cream Cheese Filling:
200g cream cheese, room temperature
3 tbsp fresh orange juice (you can use lemon juice)
30g caster sugar
100ml non dairy whipping cream, cold

In a large mixing bowl, place the cream cheese in and start beating it till smooth and creamy. Add the orange juice, sugar and continue to beat till smooth. Lastly pour in the whipping cream in and start whipping till the mixture fluffs up and increase in volume by double. Give it a taste test to see if the sweetness is just right for you, adjust accordingly. Chill in the fridge till needed.

The only thing I find it hard to handle was the chocolate shavings. With this kind of hot weather, I had to move the cake & chocolate shaving in and out of the fridge, just to prevent it from melting. :P And notice the sun is almost setting when I'm taking these photos....can't afford the strong rays shinning on my "precious", lol!
Once again this cake technique has yield super soft and spongy texture. It doesn't deflate like the chiffon technique and it taste much softer then the usual whole egg sponge technique. :) Overall, a wonderful recipe. :) My family simply loved it! If you have the time, I highly recommend you give this a try, definitely worth it! :)

Okay all, have a good day! Cheerio!


Amelia said...

very delicious rolls, yum yum. I loves the fresh cherries.

Zoe said...

This is very professional made! You are not just chiffon queen but swiss roll queen too!

茄子 said...

这个卷得真好看呢!用芝士奶油做内馅也是我在想的事:P 这个一定适合我。

ann low said...

Hi Bee, I just love black forest cake and this roll looks perfect. Wish I can have a slice for my breakfast now :)

Jo said...

Black forest with cream cheese Now that is a new take for me but heh, it looks and sounds absolutely yummy. I love the cherries squeeshing out of the cream.

Yummy Bakes said...

Wow another perfect roll.

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

I like black forest cake and this must be super good!

cherry potato said...


Aarthi said...

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DG said...

Perfect roll! Look delicious too :)

ReeseKitchen said...

Nice roll....Chocolate!!! You are always good on swiss roll...:)

lena said...

i think that cream cheese filling is delicious too! Very well decorated and i love the choc shavings here! Keep rolling, Bee!

Angie's Recipes said...

What a perfect job you have done! The roll looks definitely a winner.

My Little Space said...

I am drooling! I love the chocolate coating at the outer layer. Super luscious.
Happy weekend.

Quay Po Cooks said...

Another awesome and stunning looking swiss roll to feast my eyes!! Poor me, still making flat rolls lah. I am not kidding. LOL!